Baumann in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, Baumann automation, handling and test systems, e.g. vision systems, have set standards for manufacturers in all life science fields.

The requirements placed on products and specially developed manufacturing technologies are particularly high. This industry sector demands absolute hygiene, maximum operational safety, consistent and traceable quality, as well as precise documentation of all production steps.

Baumann develops tailor-made solutions together with its customers. In order to implement the optimised processes, regardless of whether they are for handling, processing or sensory systems, Baumann, as the general contractor, is responsible for all the necessary system qualification documents, such as:

FDA compliant qualification documentation

  • Design qualification (DQ)
  • Installation qualification (IQ)
  • Operational qualification (OQ)

GMP directives

CE conformity certificate

Our range of systems for the medical and pharmaceutical industry:

  • Assembly cells and lines for drug and delivery systems and medical care
  • Handling and packaging cells
  • Loading and unloading systems for injection moulding machines
  • Integration of system technology
  • and many more ...
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Heart pacemakers
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Blood sugar monitors
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Insulin pens
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