Baumann in the photovoltaic industry

The production and handling of wafers and solar cells involve processes that place complex demands on automation technology.

The trend towards increasingly thin wafers in particular places high demands on the handling and transport processes. In the field of solar cell manufacturing, the focus is on systems for loading and unloading processing machines and quality assurance.

Close cooperation with customers results in the development of special applications for specific photovoltaic solutions. Baumann wafer handling ensures the stress-free handling of wafers with minimum breakage rates.

The use of standard components guarantees high flexibility and short delivery periods.

Our range of systems for the photovoltaic industry:

  • Incoming wafer inspection
  • Loading and unloading cells for the following processes:
      - Diffusion
      - Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition (PECVD)
      - Wet benches
      - Laser applications
  • Standard modules for wafer singulation
  • Wafer transport systems
  • Special applications (according to customer requirements)
  • and many more ...
Solar cells
Solar cells
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