Baumann is a recognised assembly specialist

The use of robotics to facilitate automation and the process integration required for this are among Baumann's core strengths. The standard products are robot cells whose modular design principle is tailored to individual customer requirements and can thus be combined to generate complete production lines.

The systems are used for assembling components and for handling tasks, e.g. for assembling control units in the automotive industry. If requested by customers, Baumann manufacturing solutions also incorporate lean production principles. The goal is to always realise all automation systems as simply and reliably as possible, irrespective of whether they are stand-alone solutions or complex production systems. Baumann Automation therefore guarantees its customers a high-level of process reliability and availability.

Application examples

Due to our extensive experience in the robotics sector, we offer our customers mature system solutions for complex handling and assembly tasks. The picture shows an assembly line with 6-axis robots for the production of mobile phones.zoom

 Production line "control units"

When realising highly complex production lines, Baumann, as the general contractor, is responsible for the CE conformity tests. The picture shows a semi-automated production line for pumps.zoom

  Production line "pumps"

Baumann supplies system solutions for the automotive industry that mainly follow "build-to-order" principles. Handling and assembly tasks, e.g. for the production of electrical servo-steering mechanisms, guarantee the highest level of automation flexibility.zoom

  Production line "electrical servo- 
  steering mechanisms"

Baumann offers modules for the production of electrical assemblies that can be extended as required. Further cells are simply docked into place and interconnected via standardised interfaces. A production line for electric handbrakes can be seen in the picturezoom

  Production line "electric handbrake"


A further advantage of lean production results from the more efficient networking of various fields of competence throughout the entire value-added chain. In the world of Industry 4.0, this core competence of Baumann's will be of enormous significance. Due to further developed and more concentrated networks, e.g. of test systems, we will be able to visualise the entire production process digitally. Quantitative and qualitative investments in control and test systems will increase the flow of data enormously. It will be possible to fine-tune production processes and procedures, and manufacturing processes will be improved during production.

  • Defective semi-finished products can then be rejected and sent for reworking or returned to the raw material cycle as recycling waste.
  • From an economic point of view, the subsequent production process will become more efficient.
  • Raw material resources and primary materials will be utilised efficiently, as only materials that satisfy all quality criteria will be further processed.
  • The reworking of finished parts will be minimised.

The continuous improvement process therefore takes into account the principle of total quality management (TQM). Baumann provides optical and electrical test systems to ensure 100% quality control. A prime example that fully supports the principles of Industry 4.0 is the new climate tester from Baumann Automation, which included the entire value-added chain of customers, partners, manufacturers and suppliers in the development phase. The system therefore not only has a more compact design, but also saves an enormous amount of energy, especially for heating and cooling.

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