Depanelizers for PCBs

Standardised singulation solutions for cost-effective and precise PCB production

When manufacturing PCBs in the automotive, telecommunications and electronics industries, assemblies are produced as PCB clusters on large multi-board panels. In addition to its extensive know-how in the field of loading, pick and place and unloading, Baumann also has vast experience in the singulation of PCBs.

The rout|box and the de|box are two standardised and cost-effective solutions for PCB singulation.

The Baumann rout|box uses an end mill running on a freely programmable axis system to depanel many different types of PCBs. The main feature of Baumann's de|box depanelizer is the special separating blades, the so-called V-Cut system. It is ideal for PCBs that can be separated with a straight cut.

Three versions of both the rout|box and the de|box are available: ranging from manual loading (offline) to the fully integrated robot cell (inline and integrated). This enables the cost-effective singulation of PCBs in fully and semi-automated production plants.

The Baumann de|box - a standardised solution for conventional PCB singulation