Automated optical inspection for 100% quality assurance

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of vision systems, we are able to optimise optical and digital control systems for 2D and 3D evaluation.

Precise defect detection, for the production of increasingly small electronic assemblies at high cycle rates with ever greater packing density, sets challenges that can only be met effectively with modular solutions - "Test solutions ... out of the box" - that can be integrated flexibly into every system.

Regardless of whether you are looking for standardised or customised solutions − Baumann is the partner of choice for vision systems.

Baumann offers various system modules and solutions for both automated optical inspection (AOI) and objective optical end inspection (OOE).

With appropriate camera hardware we also provide the matching test software. All the relevant parameters, such as defect tolerances, can be fine-tuned.

Test solutions from Baumann can be perfectly integrated in all automation platforms and ensure efficient and precise quality management during production processes, as both stand-alone solutions and components for complex production lines. Needless to say, Baumann also offers comprehensive solutions for function tests (FT), in-circuit tests (ICT) and flashes.

Baumann always incorporates quality management systems in order to manage investments in the best way possible. Standardised and automated vision systems from Baumann detect defects precisely – e.g. press-fit defects, soldering defects, loading defects – and are cost effective due to their high cycle rates.