Innovative testing – "Test solutions ... out of the box"

Lean production – quality assurance from the outset

It has been the practice for many years in modern industrial manufacture to perform quality assurance throughout the entire production process. In order to incorporate quality controls perfectly into industrial automation solutions, Baumann engineers research and develop improved test systems for:

Baumann Automation offers its customers perfect solutions for automated quality control procedures that check manufacturing-relevant parameters during on-going production and detect potential problems as early as possible.

A test station is integrated into the production process in a modular manner – either directly into assembly cells or via individual test cells.

Thanks to extensive experience in the field of automated quality control, Baumann offers a number of basic solutions that can be individually adapted to all customer requirements:

Many intermediate steps are necessary to produce a fully finished product. To avoid periods of idle time, the required components and assemblies are produced and then stockpiled for use at a later date. In some cases this leads to overproduction, which ties up capital unnecessarily. Baumann adheres to the principles of lean production and designs manufacturing solutions that provide semi-finished goods and finished products just-in-time.

The just-in-time principle works correctly if all the pre-processes function properly. To achieve a smooth flow of production, intelligent test systems detect defective production processes at an early stage. As a result of constant quality controls, operating staff can react to possible causes of defects significantly more quickly and incorporate potential improvements into pre-production processes. This helps to prevent unnecessary processes and downtime.