The Baumann combi tester – the compact test method

The Baumann combi tester is the most compact platform for the in-line testing of PCBs. Based on the modular design of the Baumann te|box, various test procedures (e.g. ICT, Flash and FCT) are linked together in the space-saving cell. The width of the continuous conveyor belt can be adjusted mechanically or electronically.

The Baumann combi tester - the compact platform for in-line testing

Product features:

Test procedures

• Flash



• Integrated fail part sorting
• Conveyor belt with automatic
  width adjustment
• Manual infeed for repair parts

PCB formats

• PCB length: 42-300 mm
• PCB width: 24-240 mm
• Component clearance: +/- 20 mm
• Max. PCB (panel) weight: 3 kg
• Special sizes available upon request


Baumann GmbH


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