The Baumann purchasing department has an annual budget of more than 45 million euro for production materials, investment goods and services.

Friendly and professional cooperation with suppliers is extremely important for the success of our business.

Purchasing philosophy

A central success factor in our corporate strategy is a long-term partnership and reliable cooperation with our suppliers. We can fully satisfy the high-level requirements of our customers by working with our suppliers.

The reliable cooperation between Baumann and its suppliers, as well as the high quality demands, guarantee that customers receive innovative and sustainable automation solutions quickly and efficiently, thus providing them with a decisive competitive edge.zoom

We therefore aim to build close relationships with our suppliers and to integrate them into our business processes. 

Our suppliers are carefully selected on the basis of technology, quality and costs for top of the line components and materials. 

Adherence to deadlines is also a key factor. We believe a genuine partnership and long-term business relationship are only possible if our suppliers fulfill, demonstrate and accept the following criteria:

  • a quality management system meetingISO9001
  • the ability to be flexible and on time to specific demands
  • the provision of technical support and advice
  • facilities for electronic data exchange
  • recognition of Baumann contracts
  • acceptance of Baumann guidelines 

The use of environmentally-friendly production processes and materials that comply with the requirements of  Baumann's environmental management policy.

Purchasing portfolio

  • Raw materials
  • Turning, electrical discharge machining, milling
  • Sheet metal working
  • Surfaces
  • Bolts, nuts, turned parts, consumables
  • Electronic components, electromechanical components
  • Modules / Systems
  • Services
  • Investments

Supplier application and integration

An optimum exchange of information is essential for application and for integration into our business processes.

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