Mission statement

BAUMANN – customer relations

Our customers value our demand for constructive and reliable cooperation to ensure long-term partnerships. 

We promote dialogue between customers and staff to generate added value through technology and knowledge: We supply innovative products that are both efficient and sustainable while providing the client with specific benefits.

This is the reason why Baumann continues to break new ground.

BAUMANN – machines

Only the best solution is good enough for us. The use of robotics to facilitate automation and the process integration required for this are among Baumann's core strengths.

Our goal is to supply the most technically and economically viable version with the highest performance software. This ensures we achieve outstanding customer loyalty and a high level of customer satisfaction. 

The on-going development of our products to meet the increasing performance demands of modern manufacturing machinery is a key element in the role we play.

BAUMANN – people 

Our staff members appreciate the open, honest atmosphere in our company. This pleasant atmosphere allows them to focus fully on their work and on the customer. 

An excellent working environment and the appreciation shown to employees are essential to our success.

Our members of staff appreciate the open, honest atmosphere in our company.

At Baumann social responsibility means offering young people high quality vocational training leading to good qualifications. 

This climate is the perfect environment for high standards of performance, as well as the ability to take on responsibility and make decisions.

The abilities of each individual employee grow as one within the company. Personality is not simply accepted, but encouraged. The guiding principle "people first" underlines and underpins our corporate culture.

BAUMANN – suppliers

We are the customers of our suppliers. We treat our suppliers in the same way as we expect our customers to treat us. Purchases are made according to quality and reliability. 

Openness and fair treatment of each other are seen as a top priority. We give preference to suppliers from the local area.