Baumann is working on solutions for the energy supply of the future!

14. Nov 2022

FusionFuel, a technology company from Portugal, is dedicated to providing the world with innovative green hydrogen solutions.

Baumann arbeitet an Lösungen für die Energieversorgung der Zukunft mit!

Hydrogen that accelerates the transformation of the global energy sector and enables the sustainable reduction of carbon emissions.

Baumann Automation is industrialising the large-scale production of the solar concentrator as an automation partner.

With its many years of experience as a process integrator, Baumann Automation, together with FusionFuel, has developed an economical manufacturing concept for the assembly of the solar concentrator. An intelligent logistics solution takes into account the available areas as well as the partially long process times in order to manufacture in high quantities.

Due to the wide range of applications at Baumann in the processing of DCBs, it is possible to create a continuous process chain within a core process of the plant.

The spectrum ranges from isolating the ceramic components to quality control of the broken edges to setting and fixing them on the heat sinks with prior application of heat transfer paste.

In order to be able to produce to the highest technological standard worldwide with its production plants, FusionFuel places its trust in Baumann, a reliable, internationally active partner.

The fields of application for hydrogen in practice are extremely diverse and range from: Chemical processes, replacement of coal in the steel industry, mobility to the storage of surplus wind and solar energy as well as admixture in existing natural gas networks to partially replace natural gas. By means of a fuel cell, electricity and heat can be generated again.

About FusionFuel:

The research and development team at Fusion Fuel has been working intensively for several years to further develop the efficiency-based and cost-effective production of green hydrogen.

Due to high investment costs, price fluctuations and the lack of availability of renewable energy sources, the commercial production of green hydrogen until now has not been competitive with conventional hydrogen produced from hydrocarbons.

For this reason, Fusion Fuel focused on fundamentally different processes and approaches than the rest of the industry. Fusion Fuel focused on a miniaturized and decentralized design, a newly developed production method, other materials, and the form factor of the PEM electrolyzer.

Global demand for sustainable and renewable energy is increasing, indicating that the share of green-produced hydrogen will also continue to grow in the coming decades. Due to its versatility and high energy content relative to mass, hydrogen is in an unprecedented position to decarbonize commercial and industrial energy sources.

With Fusion Fuel, a strong and innovative partner, Baumann Automation can also help shape the energy transition in this area.

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