BAUMANN break|box

Patented standard solutions for high-quality hybrid production

As a specialist in automation and robotics, Baumann also offers solutions for the singulation and assembly of ceramic substrates. The latest Baumann development revolutionises hybrid separation.

Thanks to intensive research with leading manufacturers of ceramic substrates, high reject costs, conchoidal fractures and inflexible systems with a limited range of applications are now a thing of the past.

The patented Baumann break|box also separates laser scribed and scored ceramic panels, e.g. DBC, LTCC, DSH and HTCC.

Baumann break|box

Baumann is a leading expert in handling and singulating panels. The panels are fed in, positioned by a robot and singulated without fixtures or mechanical stops. The partially patented breaking procedure ensures a considerable reduction in conchoidal fractures and guarantees high quality breaking edge geometries. Production quality can also be monitored visually.

Panel sizes

  • 4" x 4" - 9" x 8"

Substrate thickness

  • 0,25 mm - 1 mm

Large individual substrate                                       

  • ≥ 5 mm x 5 mm

Types of substrate

  • Direct Bonded Copper – DBC or DCB
  • Low Temperature Cofired Ceramics –LTCC
  • Double-Sided Hybrid - DSH
  • High Temperature Cofired Ceramics – HTCC

Individual substrate cycle time                                       

  • 3,5 sec - 5 sec.

Component distance from scoring / laser scribing                                       

 > 0,2 mm - 0,5 mm

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