BAUMANN de|box

depaneling of PCBs using the "V-Cut-Principle"

The main feature of Baumann's de|box depanelizer is the special separating blades, the so-called V-Cut system. It is ideal for PCBs that can be separated with a straight cut. Two separating knives simultaneously shear through the PCB tab material from the top and bottom, guiding the forces generated by the material displacement away from the PCB and onto the trimming. This guarantees gentle separation with minimal stress.

The Baumann de|box is also available in three versions: ranging from manual loading (offline) to the fully integrated robot cell (inline and integrated). This enables the cost-effective singulation of PCBs in fully and semi-automated production plants.

Baumann de|box

Product features:
Basic cell dimensions

  • WDH 1450 mm x 1450 mm x 1780 mm


  • Max. panel size 240 x 330 mm
  • Optional max. 290 x 450 mm
  • Max. pressure 74 kN
  • Stroke approx. 25 mm optional approx. 30 mm

Cycle times

  • Pick and place panels or PCBs approx. 2 s.
  • Panel separating time (complete) approx. 5 s.

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