BAUMANN feed|box

the perfect solution for your production operations

The Baumann feed|box is a flexible robot platform for loading and unloading machining centres. Parts can be loaded directly or indirectly into the tooling nest. The feed|box is suitable for stand-alone or inline operation and can be configured with either a robotic or gantry-style handling system.

Baumann feed|box

Product features:
Standard cell equipment

  • Handling system 6-axis robot
  • Load capacity ≤ 5 kg
  • Dimensions:
    • FB4 1600x1600x2100 mm
    • FB6 1600x1800x2100 mm
  • Pallet weight ≤ 60 kg
  • Pallet size ≤ 400x600 mm
  • Beckhoff control unit
  • HMI with 10.4" touch panel,     multilingual
  • SPC, good/fail part sorting
  • Profibus interface, TCP/IP, etc.

Process module variants

  • Evacuating, cleaning
  • Aligning, turning
  • Joining, mounting
  • Deburring, brushing
  • Measuring (pre and post process)
  • Classifying, labelling
  • Testing (mechanical, camera system)
  • Interconnecting
  • Networking (host connection)
  • PDA

Feed module variants

  • Stacking module
  • Belt conveyor system
  • Drawer
  • Lean system

Handling system variants

  • Scara robot
  • Gantry system, combination possible,   Load capacity ≤ 20 kg

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